Influence the quality of trust.

Our assurance system builds trust in our sustainability standards. Through our certification we ensure our members operate their business in a way that meets the requirements of RJC standards and report impact. To strive for the credibility of our assurance system we refer to the ISEAL Assurance Code

Our system has been independently evaluated against ISEAL’s Codes of Good Practice. More information at 

It is critical to ensure our members comply with RJC standards. The RJC Assessment Manual details the assurance framework and is a useful guide for auditors and members preparing for their audit. To maintain our credibility in our standards, we also conduct regular reviews of our assurance systems, and operate the Assurance Committee as part of our RJC Governance Framework.

RJC Assurance Model

Translate Standards Into Impact

Assurance is a critical component of credibility. Through our certification programmes our members are able to demonstrate their responsible business practices that adhere to the RJC standards.

Infographic: RJC Assurance Model
Framework for Credible Assurance

.Our system has been independently evaluated against ISEAL’s Codes of Good Practice – a globally-recognised framework for effective, credible sustainability systems. More information at

The ISEAL Assurance Code sets out minimum criteria for implementation of the assurance management system and process. It builds on a set of desired outcomes for effective assurance and describes how they can be achieved in practice. This connection between assurance and impact enables us to improve the rigour, effectiveness and value of our standards to our members.

RJC Assurance Code System Reports

Transparent and Accountable

Being transparent and accountable is critical to maintain the credibility of RJC standards. Our Assurance Code System Reports provide stakeholders with insight into the effectiveness of RJC assurance.

RJC Assurance Committee

Committee Members

The role of the Assurance Committee is to oversee the ongoing evolution and maintenance of the RJC assurance system. The committee assists in the development of policies and procedures that relate to the certification of members and accreditation of third-party audit firms.

The Assurance Committee comprises up to nine elected RJC member representatives with up to two external experts. Explore the RJC Governance Handbook for full details of the role and responsibility of the Assurance Committee.