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Alexander Gul- COO- Aharon Gul

What is Aharon Gul’s view on sustainability in the industry?

A.Gul’s perspective on sustainability within the diamond industry strongly emphasizes that embracing sustainability isn’t a luxury; it’s the only way forward to conduct business effectively. As an industry leader in Germany, it is our duty to drive these necessary changes. Sustainability isn’t just a trend; it’s a fundamental shift that secures our future viability. Even if it means sacrificing short-term profits, failing to adhere to these standards leaves no room for a company’s long-term existence and relevance in a conscientious and sustainability-driven marketplace.

What were the main reasons for Aharon Gul joining the RJC?

Eitan Gul’s (My father and our CEO) decision to join the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) in 2013 was a pioneering move, making us the first German diamond company to do so. It was crucial to us as it reflected our already high standards of business conduct. This certification not only formalized our commitment to ethics and sustainability but also helped us strengthen customer relationships, as many of them also became RJC members, sharing our values and commitment to responsible practices.

Do you see your customers asking more questions on sustainability credibility?

Absolutely, our discerning customers, particularly in Germany, now place sustainability credibility at the forefront of their concerns. It’s not just about carat, cut, and price anymore; they’re keenly interested in the responsible sourcing, fair labor practices, and environmental impact associated with the diamonds they purchase.

In recent times, traceability has emerged as a hot topic, but what matters most to our customers is the assurance that the diamonds we provide them originate from responsible sources. Diamonds, while just one element in the assembled jewelry, play a crucial role in the broader sustainability narrative. They must harmonize with other materials to ensure that the final jewelry piece, from ‘dirt to finger,’ embodies sustainability at every stage.

As a leading wholesaler, recognizing and responding to this shift is not merely a choice; it’s an imperative. It’s our responsibility to meet these evolving expectations, helping our customers create and wear jewelry that reflects their values and supports a more sustainable future.

What is Aharon Gul’s next step on its sustainability journey?

We are continually evolving on this relentless journey, demanding our full-time dedication. Our transition goes beyond the concept of carbon neutrality, often associated with ‘greenwashing,’ as we are now directing our efforts towards establishing both near and long-term targets in line with SBTI standards. 

This year, we take pride in our participation in the UN Global Compact and our commitment as signatories to WEPs (Women’s Empowerment Principles). Currently, our focus revolves around several initiatives designed to keep us at the forefront of responsible practices. These initiatives encompass adopting an ESG framework and implementing the WEPs Gender-Responsive Procurement (GRP) program to meticulously assess and enhance our policies and practices regarding gender-responsive procurement.

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