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Public consultation has a critical role in ensuring RJC standards remain robust, relevant, and fit-for-purpose. RJC consultations welcome all stakeholders to take part and give their thoughts/feedback on the CoC. This will be an open consultation discussion on the CoC Standard with the opportunity to collaborate with stakeholders attending the event in person, many of whom have provided input in round 1 consultation.

This event is a partner session held as part of the 2023 OECD Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains.

Note: This is an in-person discussion. Virtual attendance is not available for this particular session.


When did the standards review start?
In 2022, the RJC started the process of a major review of the RJC Chain of Custody (CoC) standard. This is the second round of consultation and is being conducted in line with the ISEAL Standard setting code to ensure best practice.

What is the Chain of Custody standard?
The Chain of Custody (CoC) standard is voluntary for all RJC members who handle gold, silver and platinum group metals (PGM). Chain-of-custody (CoC) certification complements certification against the RJC’s Code of Practices, which is mandatory for all RJC members and is aligned with the OECD Guidance. This standard defines an approach for companies to handle and trade gold, silver and platinum group metals in a way that is fully traceable and responsibly sourced.

How are RJC standards developed?
RJC standards are a foundation for positive change and responsible jewellery and watch supply chains that promote trust and confidence in our industry. Our inclusive and collaborative approach to standard setting and development keeps RJC standards relevant and meaningful to businesses throughout the entire jewellery and watch supply chain. To strive for the credibility of our assurance system we refer to the ISEAL Assurance Code, conduct open formal comment periods relating to our standards, and operate the Standards Committee as part of our RJC Governance Framework.

Visit our standards development section for more details: https://responsiblejewellery.com/standards/standards-development-harmonisation/

The OECD Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains

The 2023 edition of the OECD Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains will take place on 24-28 April 2023 at the OECD Headquarters in Paris.

The Forum will reflect the current priorities of the OECD implementation programme, featuring sessions on combatting corruption, engaging with mining communities in high-risk areas, and taking action against environmental degradation linked to mineral production and processing. A key theme will be on leveraging due diligence to foster synergies between the policy objectives of a responsible and reliable supply of minerals critical to the energy transition.

Visit the event website for more details and full agenda: https://www.oecd-events.org/responsible-mineral-supply-chain/en

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