Generation Equality Roundtable – North America

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The Generation Equality Roundtable will be a 4 sessions that brings together key stakeholders to discuss the importance of gender equality and its prioritisation. Each event will provide varying perspectives on gender equality as well as practical tools to address gender equality issues. The sessions will look at the status of gender equality across the precious materials supply chain, with a multi-stakeholder discussion to identify and evaluate the relevant priorities that need to be addressed. RJC will discuss their gender equality survey findings that reflects the various levels of the supply chain. The sessions will include an open discussion on supply chain barriers and issues with a focus on the most vulnerable, including ASM.



As part of our Gender Equality in Action series, the RJC in partnership with BSR would like to invite you to our Regional Roundtable’s on Gender, Diversity and Inclusion to be held in the last two weeks of April 2020. During these roundtable’s we will be exploring the importance of private sector action to promote gender-equality and create more respectful and inclusive workplaces for all. We will explore why the issue of diversity and inclusion is relevant, how companies can action across value chains, but most importantly, we will create a shared space for cross-sharing and learning across participants. We want to hear from you, about the most pressing issues and challenges you are facing when it comes to this issue, innovative programs you have seen put forward over time, key insights and learnings about on-the ground experiences, to be able to understand where and how the RJC can support you and advance your efforts.



  • RJC introduction and welcome
  • BSR presentation on gender, diversity and inclusion; overview of context-specific insights and D&I survey findings
  • Discussion
    • Overview
      • Approach
      • Progress
      • Challenges
    • Region specific discussion
    • Setting the jewellery industry up for success
  • Group report back
  • Closing remarks


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